The topic of education is central to any discussion of HTPA goals and objectives.

A primary mission of the Association is to secure high quality guest speakers to present topical and relevant information about transportation industry trends to the membership at luncheon meetings. Guests are welcome.

Secondary efforts involve identifying educational opportunities in the university environment and opportunities in the transportation industry workplace.

To get a better feel for the membership of HTPA, come to our next luncheon meeting.


Each year, HTPA awards competitive scholarships to eligible college bound high school seniors and university undergraduate students. To learn more about eligibility and qualifications, see our scholarship application page.


If you are college bound or already in a full-time university undergraduate degree program and wish to explore career opportunities in the field of transportation logistics, we may be able to align you with a mentor for advice and guidance.

To learn more, contact HTPA. The HTPA mentoring program is not designed to address financial aid or student loans.

Top Ranked Universities

All offering advanced degrees in Transportation Logistics or Business:

University of Houston

University of Texas
(#18 Ranked MBA)

Texas A&M University
(#29 Ranked MBA)

The Thunderbird School
(#1 Ranked MBA
in Global Trade)

Harvard University
(#1 Ranked MBA)

Stanford University
(#2 Ranked MBA)

University of Pennsylvania
(#3 Ranked MBA)

(#4 Ranked MBA)

University of Chicago
(#5 Ranked MBA)

Dartmouth College
(#7 Ranked MBA)

UC Berkeley
(#8 Ranked MBA)

Columbia University
(#9 Ranked MBA)

New York University
(#10 Ranked MBA)

University of Michigan
(#11 Ranked MBA)

University of Virginia
(#12 Ranked MBA)

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