Membership Benefits

Membership is open to shippers, carriers, equipment and other services providers, government and academic organizations, college students and all other interested individuals. As a transportation professional, you’ll appreciate these compelling reasons to join HTPA today:

  • Outstanding Networking and Fellowship Opportunities
    • HTPA hosts membership luncheon meetings that are topical, relevant and educational. These meetings are a great opportunity to network with professional peers that share a common interest in the transportation industry.
    • In addition to the association’s meetings, HTPA hosts social events such as spring and fall golf outings that are the largest, best-attended golf tournaments of similar organizations in Houston. These golf tournaments raise funds for scholarships and photos of each event are posted at this Web site.
  • Coverage of Leading Industry News and Issues
    • Regularly scheduled membership luncheon meetings are a great way to catch up on news about the transportation industry!
    • HTPA luncheon guest speakers address topics such as online carrier and shipper news, legislative affairs and notification of pending governmental mandates affecting the transportation industry.
  • Prestigious Transportation Scholarships
    • A substantial sum of the revenue generated through golf tournament fees is directed to funding prestigious scholarships which are awarded to qualified member-dependent applicants.
  • Affiliation with the Logistics & Transportation Association of North America (LTNA)
    • LTNA is a non-profit association of affiliated clubs, companies and individuals in the United States and Canada.
    • LTNA members are experts in current logistics and supply chain management concepts of moving freight and goods.
  • Employment Opportunities by employers, recruiters and job-seekers.
  • Links to Industry Events, Sponsors, TCI, and more…
  • Online Membership Directory
    • Directory – full contact information access by HTPA members.
    • Roster – by individual, company.
    • Note: Members are prohibited from harvesting contact data from the HTPA online membership directories to use in broadcast email marketing campaigns to the HTPA membership or to any other marketing segment.
    • Similarly, mining HTPA membership data for purposes of compiling membership data for trade or sale to other parties is expressly prohibited.
  • Multi-Modal Coverage: Rail, Motor Carrier, Water, Air and other services providers
  • National Transportation Week (NTW) activities
  • Attractive Advertising Venue for Sponsors and Advertisers
  • HTPA By-Laws posted at this Web site
  • Affordable Annual Membership Fee
    • Professionals: $100 per person, per calendar year.
    • Students: $40 per person, per calendar year.
Volunteers are always welcome and needed.  Please click 
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