Application, (Must be typed), Transcript’s, (must be certified, sealed, and mailed to Scholarship address by the school), ESSAY 500 words
(Note: Social Security Number must be on the application)

Do not send certified mail, return receipt, or Signature Required, We will not go to the post office and pick up your application

ESSAY TOPIC for 2017

College students:
Why do you deserve this scholarship?

High School:
Where do you see yourself in five years?

Each year, HTPA awards scholarships on a competitive submitted application basis to current undergraduate students and college bound high school seniors.

Download PDF Application Scholarship Rules Past Scholarship Recipients

Eligible students, HTPA members, member-dependents, member-relatives and applicant sponsors must meet all of the following requirements:

Application Submission Deadline: April 1st

Sponsor Requirement: Without exception, all scholarship applicants must be sponsored by an HTPA member meeting the sponsor eligibility requirements stated below.


The HTPA Scholarship Committee is staffed by volunteer members. Please make their investment in time worthwhile and make certain your application is complete in every way!

Review your application carefully to make certain it is complete before you submit it.

Incomplete applications are not considered for scholarship awards. The HTPA Scholarship Committee will not reach out to applicants to obtain missing information.

Review your application carefully to make certain it is complete before you submit it.

Questions & Answers – Read This Carefully

Download, print and read these FAQs.

Application Requirement:

Scholarship applicants shall complete a 3-page HTPA Scholarship Application to the HTPA Scholarship Committee and forward by regular mail service at the address indicated at the bottom of this page.


Follow These Steps to Complete Your Application:


  1. Use Adobe Acrobat Reader to enter your information on the application
  2. Click Here to Download the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader; once that task is completed,
  3. Click Here to Download the PDF Scholarship Application;
  4. Save the downloaded PDF to your hard drive;
  5. Open Adobe Acrobat Reader;
  6. In Acrobat Reader, open the Scholarship Application on your hard drive;
  7. Click on the “Tools” button at the top;
  8. Click on the “Fill & Sign” graphic.
  9. Position your Mouse Cursor on the blank line at each field and type in your information;
  10. When you have finished entering your information, save the file, print it, sign it and mail it to the address indicated at the bottom of this page.

Transcript/GPA Requirement:

Applicants shall request a most-recent certified transcript and GPA from the registrar of their high school or college to be mailed directly to the HTPA Scholarship Committee at the address indicated at the bottom of this page.

GPAs must be calculated on a 4.0 grading system. If a student’s high school/college uses a 5-point, 6-point or any other “weighted” grading system, the issuing high school/college must make the conversion to an “unweighted” 4.0 grading system.

Only transcripts and GPAs received directly from the applicant’s high school/college will be considered.

Written Essay Requirement:

Applicants shall submit concurrent with their applications a thoughtfully prepared essay on one of the two topics below:

High School Students:

Reflect on your strengths and either how they have helped you overcome a significant challenge or how they steered your potential career choice.

College Students:

Give an example of how supply chain affects you and your family in your everyday life.

Essays should be no more than 500 words, and should be double spaced and checked for correct grammar and punctuation.

Application Submission Deadline: April 1st

Applicants failing to fulfill the essay requirement or submitting an essay past the application submission deadline of April 1st will be disqualified.

Without exception, all applications and transcripts must be postmarked no later than April 1st.

Applications Subject to Verification

By applying, applicants specifically authorize the HTPA Scholarship Committee to verify all of the data provided on scholarship applications.

Applicant Requirement: Interview

The scholarship Committee, at its sole discretion, may request an interview with any applicant. In the event of such a request, the applicant or their HTPA sponsor will be contacted in advance.

Scholarship Term & Limitations:

HTPA scholarships are awarded on an annual basis. Funding is made available only for the scholastic year beginning no later than the fall semester following the award.

The total amount of scholarship funds for distribution will be determined by the Board of Directors. At least two (2) scholarships will be awarded to applicants pursuing a transportation related degree.

Qualified students are eligible to compete for HTPA scholarships for a maximum of four (4) years.

Scholarship candidates must apply each year in which that student is seeking to compete for a scholarship.

Announcement of Scholarship Awards:

Scholarship awards will be announced at an HTPA luncheon prior to the start of the fall semester.

Sponsor Eligibility Requirements:

Qualified HTPA scholarship sponsors are those that have paid their annual HTPA membership dues in a timely manner.

A qualified sponsoring member can sponsor no more than two (2) applicants in each year, including themselves.

Members of the Scholarship Committee are ineligible to apply for scholarships or sponsor scholarship candidates.

The Board of Directors and Scholarship Committee shall hold all scholarship application information confidential.

Mailing Instructions:

Is your application complete?

Review your application carefully to make certain it is complete before you submit it.

Completed application, certified transcript and essay should be mailed to the HTPA Scholarship Committee at the following postal address:

HTPA C/O Will Whitehouse
5433 Kansas Street
Unit A
Houston, TX 77007

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