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The following Terms & Conditions / Instructions apply to posting job notices on this web site. If you agree with the terms and conditions below, complete and submit the form below.

By clicking the “Submit” button below, you acknowledge that any submitted job notice will be displayed in accordance with the terms and conditions expressed below.

  1. Subject to Review by HTPA…

All job opportunity notices submitted to HTPA are subject to review by HTPA and will be subsequently approved for online publication or, in the event of ineligibility, irrelevant or inappropriate content, rejected.

  1. Eligible Parties

1) HTPA members in good standing, (2) HTPA members in good standing that are recruiters, (3) independent recruiters (i.e., non-HTPA members that wish to present relevant transportation industry job opportunity notices), and (4) non-members are eligible to list job notices at this web site. Note: Some listings require a fee.

To determine if your listing requires advance payment of a fee, read information about fees, terms and renewals.

  1. Transportation Industry Job Listings Only

Only job opportunities that relate to the transportation industry will be listed at this web site. HTPA reserves the right to deny listing any submitted job notice that is deemed, in the sole opinion of HTPA, to be inappropriate or not relevant to the transportation industry, or requiring payment of fees not received.

  1. Costs to List Job Opportunities

Excepting recruiters, executive search firms, employment agencies and non-members, there is no initial cost to HTPA members for listing relevant transportation industry job opportunities at this web site.

  1. Listing Term: 30 days, Maximum – No Exceptions

Submitted and approved job notices will be listed on this web site for a period of thirty (30) days.

After a job opportunity notice has been listed for 30 days, it will be taken down unless the posting source has renewed the listing for an additional 30 days. See Listing Renewals below for information about extending listings.

HTPA will not contact the party that has posted a job notice in advance of removal.

  1. Content Limitations

The content of submitted job notices will be limited to that which appears in the electronic form. Note that content regarding job descriptions, experience, requirements and qualifications is limited to forty (40) words.

It is the intention of HTPA to provide a brief job description with contact information. HTPA will not list job notices that exceed the content limitations described above. Once listed, job notices will feature only the information that is captured in the electronic submittal form.

  1. Content Disclaimer

HTPA does not endorse and is not responsible for the accuracy or truthfulness of any of the content of any submitted job notice.

In addition, HTPA is not responsible for inaccuracies in job notice content arising from HTPA’s effort to list submitted job notices, whether caused accidentally by HTPA contactors or HTPA member volunteers, or any other cause whatsoever.

  1. Performance Disclaimer

HTPA does not warrant or guarantee uninterrupted online viewing of job notices listed on this web site. Viewing interruptions may be caused by defective communications lines, computer faults, defective transmission equipment, web hosting personnel, programming errors, acts of God or other events beyond the control of HTPA.

  1. Listing Renewals

No-cost job listings can be renewed for additional 30-day terms if the submitting party requests a 30-day renewal of their listing PRIOR TO THE END OF THE INITIAL 30-DAY TERM.

Parties wishing to request a 30-day renewal (extension) of a job listing must notify HTPA at least three (3) working days prior to the expiration date of their job notice. To request a 30-day renewal, click on the ‘RENEW LISTING’ button below to email your renewal request. Be sure to communicate clearly which listing it is that you wish to be renewed.

In the event a no-cost job advertiser wishes to renew a job notice listing after a job listing has expired, the advertiser must pay a renewal fee in order to re-post the job notice for another 30-day term.

Recruiters must pay a fee for each 30-day term.

  1. Fees, Terms and Renewals
  • Recruiters
  • Executive Search Firms
  • Employment Agencies
  • Non-Members

Recruiters, Executive Search Firms, Employment Agencies and Non-Members are eligible to submit notices of transportation industry job opportunities for a fee. This applies both to recruiters that are HTPA members, and independent recruiters that are not HTPA members.

The cost to an HTPA member recruiter to list a job opportunity notice on this web site is $35 (U.S. Funds) per job notice for each 30-day term. Payment must be received by HTPA before a job listing will be posted.

The cost to an independent recruiter (i.e., non-HTPA member) to list a job opportunity notice on this web site is $105 (U.S. Funds) per job notice for each 30-day term. Payment must be received by HTPA before a job listing will be posted.

  1. Pay Online

After you have submitted your job posting you will be directed to the Order page for payment. Fee-based job listings and listing renewals will not be listed unless payment has been made.

By submitting the job posting, you acknowledge that any job notice submitted by you will be processed and listed in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

Use this electronic form to submit a transportation industry job opportunity notice to HTPA. Approved notices will be listed at the HTPA web site as soon as possible.

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